We Made It!

10 Years In The Making

We Made It is not just an album, but rather it is a statement for one of the South Africa’s most prolific and relevant house music acts. With a title that speaks to their own personal journey over the past decade, it symbolises triumph over doubt, relentless perseverance when the pressure is on and of course, epitomises their greatest success yet – an international record deal.

Mi Casa has spent the last decade as leaders in their field, spawning countless hits with what has been an unmistakably perfect formula. Unfortunately, this perfection and effortless creativity is the exact reason why the band almost didn’t make album number 5 – or any album thereafter.

Luckily, the course of history was changed and fans can now enjoy what is without a doubt, their great sonic offering yet.

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Perfect Strangers

The evolution of Mi Casa is not a likely story. Three young strangers jamming together for fun in a bar evolved into a chemical reaction that would spark one of the biggest flames in the music industry. A studio session later and Mi Casa shot to overnight success based on their very first single recording, These Streets. Still wide-eyed and in awe of the industry, within months they had gone on to win some of the most prestigious music awards and perform with some of the greatest legends in the music scene. Every album saw number 1 hits with tracks such as Heavenly Sent, Turn You On, Jika and many others. This immediate success shot them straight into the hearts of the public, taking gold and platinum records along for the ride.

Their success, they realised, was based on the formulaic approach to good song-writing, coupled with their determination to spread love and positivity and of course, sheer raw talent. It was a winning recipe for a hit-after-hit existence, taking the band further and further up the ladder of success. Beat-maker Dr Duda stood firmly behind his keys as the backbone of the tracks, whilst J’Something’s phenomenal singing range and positive lyrics gave them wings. Add the unique sound of trumpeter Mo T and you have a sound that is unlike any other band in SA – fresh, uplifting and 100% dance-worthy.




Make Or Break

Indeed the success of the band only swelled. The albums, singles, performances and accolades for their efforts kept them top of their game to the point where it seemed Mi Casa could do no wrong.

However, as people mature, so does their desire for change. With tired and burned out members, the bands passions had begun to fade and their career seemed to be at a creative impasse. Vocalist and lyricist J’something admits to having considered a change in vocation at that point and realising that if something didn’t change, they would remain stuck in the proverbial rut to the point of breaking.

It was at this stage the band decided to shake things up internally. With the fundamental core still 100% committed, they made an unsual decision for Mi Casa, and that was to involve other creative minds in the fundamental process of song-writing and producing. Shaking off the distractions of Johannesburg, the guys booked themselves a holiday on a farm where they could focus, regroup and pay homage to the reasons they fell in love with music to begin with – and began the song-writing process on their most honest, raw and indeed important record to date – We Made It.

We Made It could have been received one of two ways – fans could have embraced the change and acknowledged the sonic maturity, or indeed could have just as easily refused to accept the all-too human side of J’Something’s thought processes, as he digs deep into personal matters, socio-economic issues and plays with darker lyrical undertones. The song-writing process was vital for J’Something on this record. Honest and real was a craving and the fans have received this new consciousness with open arms. Still using love as the cornerstone of all they put forward to the world, the band has awakened not only themselves, but their listeners to a new Mi Casa, one that doesn’t compromise on all too real issues of the world we live in.
Couple this with some of the greatest production the band has ever brought forward by both themselves and the young production duo Jay Em, and you have an album that has seen fans losing their minds over, celebrating this new sound alongside the band.